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I am looking for some bundt pans for an art project. It does not matter what condition they are in. Thank you so much in advance.
I'm in need of clothing for a big and tall person. Shirts 5x, pants/ shorts 5x or 50 waist. Ty
I'm looking for upright phlox that flowers during the summer (any color). Thanks for considering my request.
Hi, Looking for rhubarb starts. Any variety will be appreciated. Thanks for considering my request.
Hi, Looking for large plant pots. Even the kind that trees or bushes come in from the store/nursery will work. Thanks for considering my request.
Looking for shipping boxes, used Amazon will work and other non-moving boxes.
Looking for flower pots any shape or size. I can use plastic, terracotta, ceramic etc. Any color is fine.
I'm looking for flower pots of all shapes and sizes. I could use terracotta, plastic, ceramic etc. I don't care about color just know broken pots please.
In desperate need of a window air conditioner for my husband. He is recovering from covid, and is disabled. The central air unit at our house is nonworking. He is on oxygen 24/7/365 and the concentrator machine is overheating and making the temperature unbearable. Can anyone please help. Located in Springfield Illinois, but I do have a truck and could possibly pick up if not too far away
I'm looking for 5 gallon buckets for gardening projects. Thanks!
My daughter is expecting and I have started into candle making. I want to make gift candles for her baby shower at each place setting. She is just in her first trimester - so I have time to collect the jars and start working on this before the party day. I live near Fairhills Mall and would love some porch drop-offs.
In search of a twin size bed to replace my old one.
Not picky although must work. My microwave quit working.
Kitchen getting gutted and bedroom too. Need boxes to store some things. We are near out of boxes and need more. Want ones with tops of either attached or topped (like printer boxes) Thanks for anything, even little boxes, will help. Thank you!
I am looking for some chain to use for vines in my garden. It doesn't have to be pretty. Anything rusty, broken, etc. will work just fine. Any size, preferably light to medium duty, but i can use whatever honestly. Thank You.
Was wondering if a yone would help me out. I am looking for morel mushrooms. If anyone has any i would like a few. Thank you in advance.
hello, i have been learning all about bee keeping and the only thing left to do is get a hive and some bees! hoping i will be gifted with one.
new home no couch or tv stand . ANYTHING HELPS
MY Grandson and his dad needs Dryer If anyone who has a working Dryer. They would appreciate it very much. Grandson has CP and dad has Bi-Polar so neither one can drive.. I will find a way to get someone to pick it up . I just got out of the hospital and found they needed one. Thank you .Sonny
Does anyone have a VCR/DVD Combo that works that they don't use any more? I have one that doesn't work anymore and don't want to invest in a new one. Thanks.
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