Still trying to work with brothers lap top which is newer than my old one for sure and I am not good at typing on it and I am too old. Sorry Not been on for a while. Not feeling well sometimes.
I am wanting glass kombucha bottles, glass kefir water bottles and 1/2 to 1 gallon glass jars. Willing to pick up in Springfield or very close surrounding communities.
Hello I am looking for a good working gas stove with a working oven. Mine went out over the holidays and is unfixable. If anyone has a spare gas stove they would be willing to part with I would gladly take it off your hands. Thanks so much in advance. Michelle
Hello im look for room for rent and that allow my girlfriend to move in with me
Wanted yoga mat. The one I found seemed so expensive and want to save money.
Greetings neighbors, I wonder if anyone has a stand or tripod for a dress form or for a sewing mannequin that no longer use and would like to give away. I have the top part, I am seeking the stand or tripod.
Looking for a room for friend. They just became homeless. Budget $500 per month Accommodation for Just me Ready to move Now


Single mom of five need a car. Just had a new baby a week ago.
I have three kids, so getting around is a must. We really need a running reliable vehicle. I heard about this site and thought I d give it a try. TIA God Bless!
I am the only one working in my household and I have a heart daughter and her pregnant friend are living with me.Before covid hit I bought a car that turned out to be clunker after 3 months.i have been bussing it to work .I'm so behind on rent and have to get caught up.I can't afford another car at this time.You don't know how much this would help me .God bless
Hello! Looking for a room for my husband (Justin) and myself(Sherry). Separately He needs a room in Springfield, Illinois and I need a room in Tyler,Texas. He s an aviation mechanic and I'm an RN He does contract work and I'm a traveling nurse so we travel a lot. Budget $450 per month Accommodation for Just me Ready to move Now Looking to stay 6 months. Non-smoker Contact Sherry
I have been without a car for a month and I can t get my car fixed. I don t have any money to get it fixed and I plan to buy a different one when taxes are back. I need a car for about two months. If anyone is able to help, I have two children and one of my children has a medical condition and may need to go to St. Louis for very frequent visits starting soon. If anyone can help me it would be ...
I am in need of alot of hangers to hang up alot of clothes have no more room in my dessers
i am in search of a dvd player, if anyone might have an extra one they no longer want or use after upgrading to a blu-ray player, etc. it definitely does not have to be fancy. i am also willing to pay for one if it is affordable. i would check second hand stores but have not been going anywhere like that since the virus is still an issue. thank you.
I am in need of a washer. If anyone has one that is in working order i would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance..
I received a USB turntable for Christmas. It requires speakers with red and white connectors. I do not know if old school red/white speakers will be compatible, but I believe so. My other option are speakers with an electrical outlet and red/white connectors. Please help. I have hundreds of albums I want to listen to again.
Wanting any (preferably working or minimum repairs needed) computers and laptops. Will be refurbished and given to people in need (for work, school etc)
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